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☆★ whales’ peacekeeper ☆★ sticker pack #1
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So a lots of lovely people from tumblr have been asking me how to make stickers, this is the way I make stickers. It’s simple,easy and beautiful and you’re going to learn it in real quick :)

So here’s what you need. (see picture 1)
1. Some sticker paper (That’s what I’ve left.)
2. A good sealing tape (3M is what I use,it’s cheap,easy to buy and the quality is actually really nice. It helps your sticker to look better and last longer when it meets water )
3/4 : A scissor or a cutter. If you got one of them it can also work. Use for cutting tapes and stickers.
5. a fine bone-folder. (if you don’t have it or if you don’t even know what the hell is this, I think a ruler would also be fine.)
6. Some pens that you like. (To draw stuff you like:P )

A lots of you have asked about the choice of sticker papers, actually I just grab what I have or what I can find. Those sticker paper I’ve been using is from a friend. She bought it online. It’s cheap and kinda good. If you want to make stickers with better paper quality, feel free to search for any kinds of sticker paper that you like :)

and you draw on those sticker paper, cut a size that makes you feel easy to seal, and then seal it with a layer of sealing tape, use the bone folder to press it. (look at picture 7-9) This part is very important. Because this move is about to let the sealing tape and the stickers stick together, to feel the bond. and let the colours of the sticker pop outs more, if you don’t do this part, those colour won’t pop outs and the stickers won’t look that happy. Trust me. And then you can just cut it a little bit more, shape it up a little bit, it’s all about what/how you want them too look like. You can also cut some first and then seal it all at once,depends on how you wanna do it :)

and at the end…et voila ! Here comes some beautiful, awesome stickers made by you ! oh my gosh you are a total champ !

Now try it, master it ! ha ! Free feel to ask me any questions :)
hope this can really help !

"how do you stay strong when you know that things are not pure anymore ?
how do you stay strong when you know that you are not pure anymore ?”

I don’t know . I don’t know how to answer this. But I think if I keep being me, that someday, someone will sees me. And he/she will find me. And he/she will not mind how terrible I am, and we’ll be madly in love. Or, I’ll be single forever, but still, I’m me. //

answers for a friend who asked me these 2 questions.

one day I was at work and some guy came shopping for his wife and he picked shoes for her. He said to me “I picked shoes for my wife because I know what’s best for her. Women dressed up for men. It’s all about men like it or not.”
I smiled to him because I don’t know how to react but in my heart I was like
: Go fuck yourself.

Let me be fucking clear : Everyone should dressed up what way they look just because they love it, not because of anyone. Fuck what people think. Love what you’re wearing, wearing what you love, wearing what makes you feel good,feel brave,feel awesome.

It’s never about men or women. It’s about you. Just you.

Besides, what the bloody fuck do you know about high heels ? If those shoes are only just beautiful but not comfortable, it will hurt and wasted.

So shut up and bring your wife here and let her choose next time.

匿名ユーザーの発言:: You said you put tape on your stickers (which are super cute btw)... what's your way of making stickers? Could you maybe do a mini tutorial ?

Hello!! Actually i was thinking the same thing! Yeah I should make one to teach you guys who wanna learn! It’s easy like eating pizza!! But I have to sleep now. It’s 1:41am and I have to go to work ~T_T~ I’ll make a little tutorial when I have free time after work: ))) I’m really excited! Thank you so much for your advice! Night night!

hi all ! the sticker pack I posted last night, the “you know it’s gonna be fine” one was just sold out !!!!! thank you so much ! and here’s another new sticker pack ! hope you’ll enjoy :) Also, I just changed the shop name into “☆★ whales’ peacekeeper ☆★” and I’m super happy. 

Thank you and goodnight !

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something about my storenvy shop//

Last month a customer bought something from my store and it was really nice, but last week I got an email about the customer didn’t got the mail. And they complaint me via Paypal and asking for refund. Paypal looked into it and I’ve sent out some prove about me did send the stuff out,at the end they gave my money back to my ac. But I just wanna say I even use the registered mail to sent it out, and I just don’t understand why it still got lost. But what made me real sad is that I they didn’t talk to me first and just go to paypal. I mean I understand why they would do that but if they send a message to me first saying “Hey chuck sorry I still didn’t got the mail I’m worry !” then I can do something, or send some other things to them. There’s always a better way to make people happy, right ?

So just wanna say, if you lovely mates want to shop in my store, there’s something you should know first.

1. I made all those stickers. I hand-draw all of them, I cut, I seal them with a layer of tape. That’s how I made stickers.

2. I use registered mail to send out all my orders started from late 2013. I want to make sure that my work can come to you as safe as they can be.

3. I live in Hong Kong, China. And most of the orders I’ve got is from U.S, U.K . So about the shipping, it might takes time. Sometimes it takes about 2-3 weeks.

4. If you still didn’t got your order after a month or later, you should talk to me ! See what I can do, and let me tell you how sorry I am, don’t be mad all by yourself. There’s always a way to fix this. Refund is the last idea and I mostly don’t wanna do it.

and there’s the most important thing :
Every sticker packs are special. Every works, every packages I’ve sent out are special. If you feel sad or angry about you didn’t got it, I can totally understand. But try to think about this : I am sad as you. Because I am the one who created them. You think I’ll be happy to lost them or to lie about something I created ? I dare you to think about me like that.  I’m just someone who made stickers, I only made a couples of dollars in every pack. I just want people to be happy when they saw/got my work. If you don’t believe the magic, at least just don’t break it.

Thanks for reading and thank you for always supporting.

P.S : I think I’m going to change the shop name. Something about ocean, something blue.


New sticker pack finally selling in my shop ! Sorry I didn’t spend much time on stickers. But I will from now on :)

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Me and Hul did a cover :)