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chuckchunk x letuspress card sets

1. “
planet 6302” (3 cards @ set)
2. ”dive in my dreams ” (4 colourful line art cards @ set)
3. ”carry you home ” (6/5/4 cards @ set)
all selling on my shop now !!! 

they’ll send to Taiwan and sell in there, so I only have a few right now, don’t hesitate to buy them !!! you might think that they’re kinda expensive, but if you know all the hard works behind and the magic about letterpress, you’ll know. you just know. And you will be amazed. 
Trust me, it’s worth for it !

"write to me,share your mind with me in our own planet. 
Remember the cat and all those weird,cute animals that we’ve 
created ? Stay with me,don’t go ! I want to be with you.”
- planet 6302

it’s your birthday and mine . 30th June and 2nd March :)

Dear my lovely followers, I added 4 sticker packs on my shop just now, please feel free to visit my shop : here 
hope you enjoy my new art :D

ready to pack some new stickers 
yeah !

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i drew this yesterday !

life gave me hope, creating stickers to you all makes me feel alive.

"Talk Small,Think Big" ! sticker pack
10 stickers in this beautiful pack !
Are you ready for it ?
keep those words to yourself, but act and show everybody what’s on your mind !
you can do it ! you can have your own,beautiful life !!! go for it !

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The Breeders - Off You cover

Sorry for my poor and weird English.

Also,thank you so much for Rahul who did the guitar part:) champ!