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may all your days be gold,my child

There’s a story, a movie that I love very much,it’s called “Where The Wild Things Are” . My friend brought the Japanese Version(book) for me on my birthday once and I brought the English version for myself almost at the same time. The story is about Max had a fight with his mother and then he ran away from home and discover that wild things kingdom. he met Carol and the other wild things. He lied to them that he is their king but at the end he left them and back home for his mother, and his mother prepare hot drinks and cake for him. It’s a simple story and I love it , the movie is super amazing, I cried when Max told his mother that vampire story and when Max’s sisters’ friends broke his igloo. I also cried when nobody understood Carol but Max stepped out and broke their houses for Carol. I like that little heart with a “C” in it stand for “Carol”. I love it when KW said “Please don’t go, I’ll eat you up,I love you so.”  I fucking cried when Carol and the other wild things say goodbye to Max…… I love everything about this story, I love the Soundtrack, I love Karen O and Spike Jonze….. I can talk about this for a whole day .But actually I just wanna say I had a bad day and I just thought about the movie …… and I feel like my teeth is about to fall off so I’ll no longer be a vampire but I also can’t be a human anymore.

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there’s so many things that I don’t understand, most of the time I’m not sure that if I’m good at talking or not,sometimes I can be super quiet in front of people, and then they will think that I’m boring.But sometimes I found that people actually thinks that I’m funny. Which I’m very confused. Sometimes when I really like a person, I want to share everything with him/her.And I will become super super super annoying. I’m not sure what that is……but I always think that there’s something you have to speak/share it with the right people. Once you found that person …… I think everything will be different. And no matter you like to talk or not,you’ll find a way to do it and you won’t have to worry about anything.

"I want to hear more……" and they’ll tell you this.

匿名ユーザーの発言:: stay like a kid

you got it, mate.

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