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Me and Hul did a cover :)

making new stickers :):):)

匿名ユーザーの発言:: Hello!! Do you know more artist who have kinda similar art style? Yours is so cute >_<"!

Hello !! Umm let me think…. my friend recommended me to “nemuiro”, you can search the tumblr, I love nemuiro’s works a lot. Also Aya Takano :) Yoshitomo Nara is my hero !!!!! :p  Ryōji Arai is my second favourite artist, his work is so warm and  made me always wanna stay pure as a child.

hope that can help !!

lilacliquorrの発言:: oh my gosh your art is so so pretty and unique ;_; I love it!!

Thank you so much, my dear one !
Have a nice lovely day :)


It’s almost 1 am , I just back home for a while and I finally finally watched “How To Train Your Dragon 2” !!!!
Oh My Gosh. I’m so excited and I love it just like the way I love 1 !
Love the story, love those books (Cressida Cowell I love you until the end you are amazing), love Hiccup, love Toothless, love everything and everyone in the story and every dragons and everybody who worked so hard for the movies !!! So amazing !

I feel so inspired, I can feel the power of love and friendship, I can feel the freedom when I saw them flying ! Gosh I wish I can have a cool pet/friend just like toothless !!! And the relationship between them is really really amazing. That’s totally love.

What I’ve learn from the movie is : always be kind. Keep your heart pure.
I want to be a peacekeeper too. It’s just… sometimes it can get really kind. Because sometimes people can be really ugly, I mean their hearts and mind. But I think is, I want to heal, to love, to forgive. You’ve got to believe that that’s something only you can do it, because you were born to do that. Like Lady Ga Ga said, you were born this way !!

I’m super happy right now. I want to buy everything with toothless on it. I want to buy the art book and I can’t wait to buy the DVD !!! I’m just… I just wanna share this feeling with someone because sadly I watched this movie alone…… I wish I can share this with someone after I watched the movie…

Things have been really well,although I have been busy. I hope that I will have more time to make some new stickers and really prepare for the exhibition…… because I realize I don’t really have much time,so.

P.S : Hope you’ll enjoy my story - éveillé (which means “awake” in French.)